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1000 BEAN Giveaway Promotion for Twitter Followers and Team Bean Mattermost Users

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Hello everyone..welcome to 2019! There are great things planned in this New Year and we will announce the details at the time they are ready and released! I would like to start off by telling you about a special promotion. For existing Twitter users that have been following us previously and/or have a registered account here on our own hosted Mattermost platform, we are giving away 1,000 BEAN to each user! If you are a Twitter user and have been following us already and haven't registered on our Mattermost platform (, simply sign up and DM both your Twitter handle and your Mattermost handle along with your BEAN address to: @bitbeaner (for Mattermost) or @BeanCash_BEAN (for Twitter). **Promotion ends on January 16th., 2019** With the accelerated censorship by Big Tech giants, there is no telling when we might get censored or de-platformed. This is why we are building our own infrastructure and communication channels for our #TeamBean Family. Great things ahead for #BeanCash in 2019 More news to follow in the coming weeks..stay tuned!

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