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25k Bounty For Market Volume Report Poloniex

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On 9/5/2016, the following markets will be delisted on Poloniex: ABY, ADN, BITUSD, CNMT, DAO, DSH, FIBRE, FLT, GAP, GRS, HYP, IFC, LQD, MCN, MINT, MMC, MNTA, PIGGY, PTS, SILK, SWARM, WDC, XC, XCR, XPB, XUSD, YACC

Anyone care to take a look at the volume of those coins and give a report (last 3 months, month, week, daily), so we can get a general idea, of what kind of Volume (minimum) BitBean needs to have and maintain for consideration on Poloniex?

I will give a 25k Bounty to the most comprehensive report posted. (Deadline is end of day 09/05/2016 EST.)

Report needs to include a sample of at least 6 other minimal volume coins that are not on the delist.

With these delistings, there is an opportunity for BitBean to be Poloniex is going to have some reclaimed space at their data-center Grin

Bitbean Community, are you up to the challenge?

Report must be posted in our official thread:

:: @Bitbeaner added on 06 Sep ’16 · 01:52

I'm going to extend this bounty for 1 week and up the amount to 50K. I've got too much else on my plate with trying to get BitBean v1.1.2 done.

*New Deadline is 09/12/2016*

*New Bounty is 50,000 BitBean*

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New Requirement with extension of the Bounty, report should be emailed, not posted in the forum:

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Report has been received. Bounty is closed.

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Bounty Paid

100k :)

Tx ID: 5abb04dba6159104f3395a43eb146124c7e892241c02e75cf30b549983ab830a

Nice work!


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