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500,000 BitBean Twitter GiveAway

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BitBean giveaway

1,000 BITB free for the first 500 that complete these 4 tasks:

1. Retweet and like
2. Follow @yeswepump
3. Follow @BitBeanCoin
4. Reply to the tweet (not on this forum!) with your BITB wallet address

Twitter accounts must have profile photo and bio, over 6 months activity and 300+ followers.
All fakes account or suspect ones, will not be rewarded!

Promotion ends at 500 entries or on August 28th.

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append delete #1. cparsley

I never got the beans even though I posted :(

:: @Bitbeaner added on 03 Sep ’16 · 09:00

Post your BITB address and Twitter Tweet link and I will send them.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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