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Help Installing Bean Cash Wallet on Linux

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I am new at coding and staking, and am trying to install Bean Cash wallet on Linux Mint 64. I have downloaded from the appropriate version of the wallet, and extracted the following files to my computer:

There is no information on how to proceed either online nor on the the README files. Would someone be able to provide help on the next steps?

Thank you in advance,

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Hey there mate!

You are almost there! I assume that this said folder containing Beancash files is located in your download folder. If it is the case, go to that directory with your terminal.

NB: In terminal, when you are typing something, pressing tab once will fill the word until there is a difference and pressing tab twice will show you the different possibilities.

That said you can navigate to your beancash folder by using cd;
cd Dow (press tab once here and it should now be written: cd Downloads/)
So continuing forward before pressing enter;
cd Downloads/Bean *press tab once* and then enter if it is the actual unzipped folder of Beancash.

NB: Also you can type ls which is a command that will list the content of the folder you are in.

At this point all you need to do is run this command to run the wallet:
sudo ./Beancash-qt

By doing this with the terminal, you will see if there is a dependancy missing on the terminal. You can add those deps by using;
sudo apt-get install filename
IE error missing libQtGui4 bleh bleh bleh
Then you would type;
sudo apt-get install libqtgui4 *press tab twice to see the options here* and select the appropriate library (lib)

Finally, once you have it started with the terminal (no more missing deps) you will be able to double click the Beancash-qt and run it with your mouse if you want.

This will put the beancash blockchain and wallet inside the .Beancash folder which is hidden in your username folder (ie /home/USERNAME/.Beancash)
Since Mint is also debian based like Ubuntu (if I remember correctly) you can probably press ctrl+h to unlock hidden folders/files when in your file manager.

Hope this helps mate!

append delete #2. Jack45

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