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What would you like to see in the BitBean Wallet?

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What would you like to see in the BitBean Wallet? What features or what information do you think it's good to have on it and also, what information do you think it's unnecessary?

This tread will be like a dropbox of ideas and suggestions like a brainstorm in order to deliver one wallet that goes inline with the community ideals.

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can you add bean to binance and okex?

append delete #27. nerd2188

Please move the unlock wallet button from settings tab onto the main interface , Like make me feel good when i press it!

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append delete #29. mackmining

auto reblocking

append delete #30. HAL

i DON'T WANT TO USE ANY MORE EXCHANGES. CAN YOU ADD IT TO bINANCE? Call CZ or Q Snon or whoever to make your pitch please. Is ther another way to get it other than Shapeshift or Changelly? Thanks.

append delete #31. HAL

I meant Q Anon not Snon, lol.

append delete #32. Beancash Fan


Since there is a Date and time for each transaction and sprouting, is there a way to get current block, as well as date and time on the bottom of the main wallet screen? I know you can go to debug to see current block number, but it would be a step less if it was on the main screen.

:: @Bitbeaner added on 23 Mar ’19 · 14:47

The current block is reported in the Bean Cash Core application as "Bean Stalk Height".

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i would like to know sprouting and total beancash amount with out PC
plz send email when sprouting and with total my beancash


append delete #34. bitbeanstaker

Not receive any sprouting so far since i setting up wallet on January. I think this wallet still hard to use

append delete #35. Randy Phillips

my wallet got removed how can I get it back

:: @bitbeaner added on 08 Jul ’19 · 17:53

Need more information. Did you make a backup of wsllet.dat (Your keys)?


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