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Sprouting, blocks and re-blocking

append delete Gary

The wallet needs to be loaded and unlocked for sprouting. The sprouting has a
minimum age limit of 6 hours before blocks can be sprouted. My observation
is there is a maximum age limit as well. I've reduced my oldest blocks
(ones with the largest number of confirmations) down to a month or two and
still those ones don't get used for sprouting.

Block sizes, I re-block all ones under 4k of Beans and depending on how
often you want to do it will determine the size you re-block them to. I
started re-blocking them to 16k which is fine if you have couple of million
but as your Bean bag gets bigger then this gets a tad of a pain in the butt.
I'm currently re-blocking mine to 100k+ now.

Re-blocking requires the coin control turned on and to save time, copy
your wallet address into both the destination address and the custom change
address. Mark the blocks you want and then put in half the amount of Beans
in the amount field. This has the advantage of producing two new blocks
of that amount. Saves time.

Conversely large blocks can be broken down into smaller ones using the same
process as more blocks gives you more opportunity to get one sprouting.

Best to lock the wallet before staring re-blocking as this can result in a
conflict with a block being selected and then subsequently being sprouted
before the transaction is confirmed.

Any happening like this can be reset by going into the console and
running checkwallet. If this reports errors then do a repairwallet.

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append delete #26. Ian

I have 100,000 plan to be the holder for bitbean for long term holder. But, my wallet bitbean is staking zero beans since 30\1\2018 is more than 6 hours. Why it doesn't work for me. May i know anythings goes wrong. my wallet is sync

append delete #27. ichimane

shouldn't my weight be equal to the amount of coins I have. my weight is significantly less than what I hold. does it matter how old blocks/inputs are? like if an input is a couple months without staking should I go ahead and combine it or resend it to myself or does it not matter how old they are?

append delete #28. Don Dante

I too am not able to not able to get my Sprouts generated but NOT ACCEPTED. I am only able to get 4-5 connections and this seems to be the problem?

I read through this thread and posts and the consensus is it's my wifi problem and I need to forward a port on my router?

Is this correct?

I am 0-2 on getting any beans to sprout. I am getting frustrated. I don't have any issues with the other 12-15 wallets I have running. If I can't start sprouting I'm going to sell all my Bean Cash.

Any Help?

append delete #29. Don Dante

0-3 trying to sprout bean. Obviously no Team Bean members moderate the forum and no support is giving here. It's a shame, I had such high hopes for Bean.

append delete #30. Bigjim

Hello Don,

Your 4-5 connections is absolutely (one of) the problem(s). You need at least 30 and ideally 50 connections. Higher than 50 is also not good (too much traffic and cpu use).

Make sure ALL of this is true:
- Forward the port 22460 on your router to your beancash wallet PC's IP address, for both TCP/UDP
- Make sure the firewall on your PC allows in and out traffic for the beancash wallet
- Make sure beancash.conf looks like this:
addnode=.... (copy-paste all addnode lines from )
- you have a recent PC that performs well (not older than 3 years)
- turn of all sleep/power saving modes
- in the task manager your CPU should be <10% most of the time
- please invest in a network cable and don't use wifi

Non accepted sprouts is 99% of the time caused by not getting the latest blocks fast enough so you sprout on an older block which then gets orphaned. Check all of the above things carefully and hopefully you'll get accepted sprouts soon!

On average 10% of all sprouts you'll receive can remain unaccepted, this is normal

append delete #31. Slawomir

Hiya I have a round 60000 and this did sproud to me 4000 and stoped 2 mouths before what I can do to still sprouding

append delete #32. Crazyhead

@slawomir try to restart your wallet or try to type "repairwallet" in the beancash wallet console (topbar -> help -> debug window -> console (befor you go to console you can also see all console commandlines at the bottom of the "debug window" page)

#33. sam smith

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