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Real blockchain, why fear the spiral of death! ——The survival of RSC

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Recently, bitcoin has fallen below $4,000. It seems that there is still no sign of stabilization. The bear market is hard to say. This is completely applicable in any trading market. The cycle is replaced, the death spiral, and the currency price is zero. Bitcoin is bearing Unprecedented pressure.
Utopia Salin, a US financial expert and professor of finance at Santa Clara University, published an article saying that bitcoin would become worthless because it is entering a spiral of death.The so-called bitcoin death spiral of Otto Saline means that when the bitcoin price is lower than the mining cost, the miner will be “evicted” from the market, and as the mining cost decreases, the bitcoin price will continue to follow. The decline has led to a large number of investors selling short bitcoins in the futures market, which has intensified the declining bitcoin."The cheaper electricity price can't catch up with the decline in the price of the currency." The voice of a small miner is a portrayal of the market.
In simple terms, the essence of finance lies in circulation. The circulation of Bitcoin has been very extensive. In the past 2 years, the price of Bitcoin’s wallet has increased by 98%, and the recognition is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the death spiral author thinks completely. does not exist.The core foundation of all this is that Bitcoin is the first generation of blockchain technology. It is different from the return of the altcoin in this round of decline. Looking at all the zero coins, 90% of them are erc20/21 series. The air project, dubbed by the industry as a coin for 5 minutes, and their former value will be stacked on the innovative public chain project.
The author believes that the blockchain is a technology, and only the wide application of technology will demonstrate the value of its certificate.RSC is an open source project that I have seen recently. It is reported that I will gradually open up my own code in April. RSC expects to use technology to reflect the value of the certificate, while practicing the theory of the economics of the card, its core highlights. The first is CCT (Chain Compression Technology) base chain compression technology, which means: Specify a time point, the status of the time point and the data after the time point will remain on the chain, delete the previous data, and avoid the newly added data. Taking up disk space, it will greatly help the transaction speed.
The blockchain may not be the savior, but it will definitely not be a "tulip" bubble. Technology needs innovation. It is only a person who has no speculative ability but has a speculative attitude, temporarily stays away, or polishes his eyes to find real. Technical products.

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