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TARK wallet helps users to“seek advantage and avoid disadvantage”

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TARK wallet helps users to“seek advantage and avoid disadvantage” and directly touches the core requirements of the user

What do blockchain wallet users really want? If you ask 100 people, 100 people will answer you: money! money! money! Helping users make money and helping users protect their money seems to be the point where every wallet is trying to promote. But when it comes to product features, does the wallet really capture the core requirements of users?

During the traditional tribal period, people gathered together just for better survival. At that time, whether it was Yao,Shun and Yu, the rulers of Xia and Shang, in more sense, were only the leaders of the Great Tribal Alliance. People choose them just because they can make themselves full, so the choice of the leader is never an inheritance, but a recommendation.

The finances of this time are still in a very primitive state - with barter. The tribe had something, and the tribe did not, so they exchanged each other in order to make full. The original attributes of finance were most evident during this period: survival. Men hunted food for women, women weaved for men's warmth, this tribe exchanged venison to another tribe, and that tribe exchanged bear paws to this tribe. This is the earliest social division of labor and the earliest form of finance.

At the same time, another hidden attribute of finance also plays an important role here, which encourages people to live together more concentratedly, and then there are giant tribes such as Xia and Shang. This attribute is: the guarantee effect of seeking advantage and avoiding disadvantage.

In our impression, we have always felt that the primitive tribes lived by plunder, and that they were concentrated together by the strength of human beings. In fact, no one can take the initiative to provoke a war (not including murder inside the tribe) where it can be obtained through transactions or peaceful means. Because no matter how tempting the outcome of the war is, people will cherish their lives more. What's the use in case you lose your life and get more material?

Therefore, the exchange between tribes and tribes and people and people during this period is relatively common. And the priests can achieve such a high status in the traditional tribes (even higher than the leader). In addition to people's respect for nature and the gods, there is another important reason: the priests act as the middlemen of people's barter exchange.

Exchange between tribes and tribes, people and people, How many kilos of venison can you exchange for a kilo of bear paws? How many shells can I change for a piece of clothing? If there is no middleman to coordinate, I am afraid that there will be no result in the day of negotiation. But the priest, as a spiritual leader of the people, can take on this "authoritative role". The concept of this "middleman" has evolved in the long history: the value of the issuing currency is guaranteed by the weight of copper and silver, the issuance of war debts is guaranteed by the war dividend, and the issuance of banknotes is guaranteed by state sovereign taxation. To develop into a modern society, almost all the time there is financial innovation, there must be a guarantee that is credible enough.

Survival instinct (mentioned later) + seek advantage and avoid disadvantage + guarantee, this is a problem that humans have attached great importance since ancient times. In the modern society, these principles have been completely evolved in another way. For example, if there is a mutual share guarantee between Japanese banks, no party can achieve the degree of monopolizing a company, thereby reducing human risk (avoid disadvantage). For example, if there is a large enterprise or a bank to make a guarantee on a specific investment, everyone will be eager to make a profit(seek advantage). On the contrary, everyone may consider it for a long time, and finally pull a few partners to invest together (avoid disadvantage).

As a blockchain wallet of financial products, it is obviously not in violation of the law of the depth of humanity: seek advantage and avoid disadvantages. As a wallet, the first is security, which is the most important (avoid disadvantage). Then it's convenient, letting the user complete the goal with a minimum of steps (seek advantage). In addition, if you can help users do asset management, there is a certain appreciation space, users are obviously willing to accept (seek advantage).

Let's talk about seeking advantage. At present, most of the wallets we see to help users do asset management are to help users analyze the flow of funds: the value of the coins in your hands has risen and fallen again; and better to help users connect to the exchange, dapp and other resources to make users more convenient to trade. But in fact, you will find out that these functions are all process indicators. It is not the purpose of the user to see the flow of funds. With this goal, it is the purpose to make money. It is good for users to do business better in their wallets, but the essence of the transaction is to make money.

Therefore, from the perspective of making money for users, how to design the function of “seek advantage and avoid disadvantage”? Here we introduce a blockchain wallet with great ecological value to see how it operates.

Tark Wallet is based on blockchain 4.0 technology, technically subverting the traditional blockchain 1.0-3.0 technology. The introduction of the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function in Silicon Valley in the United States has greatly reduced the safety factor of user token asset risk. Multiple protection mechanisms are safe and impeccable. Tark Wallet is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model to protect the user's token assets, really helping users "avoid disadvantage". On the other hand, the slogan known as the Tark Wallet is “Financial Superman”, standing on the point of making money for users, helping users to “seek advantage”.

Its technical advantages are reflected in the following four aspects:

1, blockchain 4.0 cross-chain storage
Using blockchain 4.0, a cross-chain token wallet that merges the double ecosystems of on-chain and off-chain surpasses the third-generation blockchain technology based on BTC, ETH, EOS and other mainstream tokens, and realizes a leap from blockchain 1.0 to 4.0, will meet the user's all-pass asset management needs with one click.

2, Fully isolated network
When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the non-networking mode. It builds the transaction and signature at the cold-end, and connects the network to broadcast the transactions at the hot-end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eliminating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.

3, Seed + payment double password
Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, T-ark wallet strictly controls the payment extraction operation, and the seed password + payment password two password security management mechanism, to prevent asset theft and fraudulent use, encrypted storage, never touch the net, security Verification, delete when you are done.

4, Easy to operate, do whatever you want
T-ark (T-ark wallet) comes with high-configuration mobile terminal equipment, which can be conveniently carried by users, the ultimate hardware experience, convenient operating system, powerful online news and information functions, letting you grasp asset trading information and the trend of the token market, the investment is one step faster.

As a modern product, Tark wallet meets the needs of users from a deeper point of view. In the future, it will also be able to make wallet + sociality, wallet + entertainment, wallet + games, etc., directly touch the user's heart and meet the diverse needs of users.

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