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AJM attends the 2019 Blockchain World Forum - Shenzhen Summit

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On October 24, 2019, the 2019 Blockchain World Forum-Shenzhen Summit was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Nanshan International Conference Center. Ms. Wang Feihong, Secretary General of the WBCC Global Blockchain Alliance, attended the event on behalf of AJM.

With the continuous innovation of blockchain technology and the continuous expansion of commercial applications, the blockchain is profoundly affecting the transformation, upgrading and value re-engineering of traditional industries such as finance, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, energy, medical health, law, manufacturing, etc. Play a more important role in the future wave of digital economy. The Blockchain World Forum will focus on the technological innovation of the frontier of the blockchain, helping the blockchain achieve greater commercial value and creating a healthy ecosystem for blockchain applications.
AJM will take this opportunity to strengthen cooperation with more blockchain youth entrepreneurs around the world to enhance communication and learn from each other in high-end cutting-edge technologies such as big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and financial technology. New opportunities in the chain era to create a new future for the digital economy.

AJM is a public chain developed based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology based on blockchains 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. It has nine core advantages:
1. Natural cross-chain support: no need to re-engineer, it supports cross-chain transmission, and can transfer data from any AJM chain.
2, local multiple database support: can support a variety of local business use of the database, to facilitate the landing of ecological business.
3, smart contracts and consensus: support smart contracts, and chain consensus, decentralized, credible.
4, chain slimming technology: original chain slimming technology, can archive long-term data locally, reduce the size of the chain, and facilitate node deployment.
5, record-level permission control, to ensure privacy and security: data access control on the chain, to ensure that anonymity and privacy data are not leaked.
6. Audit and subscription functions: The audit function can track specific data, review abnormal data, and the subscription function can accept any type of data change.
7, lightning network transmission: lightning network technology blessing, faster, greater throughput.
8, can support offline signature: nodes can be signed locally, faster, and more secure.
9. RPCA Consensus Algorithm saves computing resources: Unlike the consensus algorithm that wastes resources such as POW, RPCA is based on trust and does not waste resources.

In addition, AJM also has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, autonomy, information not to be falsified, and anonymity. Under the premise of combining with blockchain 4.0 technology, it promotes global finance, education, health care and other industries. The digital transformation has opened up a new era of blockchain 4.0 smart contracts.

AJM is supported by blockchain 4.0 technology, with the ultimate goal of building blockchain digital banking. With the development and application of blockchain technology, AJM is actively constructing a fair, open, healthy, shared and co-constructed zone that links the world. Blockchain ecosystem. From data deposits, product traceability, stock trading to e-commerce, cross-border trade, cross-border payments, and intelligent and digital transformation of traditional industries, AJM has become the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution, and it is starting to take off. Waves lead the new trend of digital assets and ignite the global storm of blockchain.

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