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Announcing:  250K Bitbean Bounty

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Wikipedia Article About Bitbean


1. Contact with your intention to do the project and provide a Bitbean address.

2. Create a Wikipedia Page Article About Bitbean.

3. Get the page approved.

4. Make sure the information is true, accurate, and linked to other relevant content and sites.

5. Use our artwork:

6. Complete the project before the end of May.

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append delete #1. Bitbeaner

Bean Core has approved funding of 300k for this project and we have accepted an offer from someone to do the project. We will announce when the project is completed and the bounty is paid out.

Thanks for those who showed interest in this project!

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Update: We have not heard back from the individual that agreed to do the Wiki Page for BitBean. Aditionally I have not heard back from the second person who said he would do this project! So the Bounty is still available!

Contact me only if you are sincere and plan to complete this project:

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Updating this Bounty:

2. Create a Wikipedia Page Article About Bean Cash

append delete #4. orixa0k0

I have the copy ready for your approval. It will need to go live on wikipedia before you can see it. I wrote it for Bitbean but can update it to Beancash.

append delete #5. superbean

What happened to this? Was it completed? Bean wants to be a wikied guy.. (that's all I could come up with OK).

append delete #6. efx

Would be willing to do a comprehensive wiki entry/ subsequent updates on BC if it's still available.

Goes without saying that orixa0k0 & superbean have first dibs though!

append delete #7. orixa0k0

Its been complete for a while. I have been waiting to hear a response to my email. will try again...


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