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AtoX: Don't hesitate! 90% of global business activities are on the blockchain!

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In 2019, it was called "the real first year of blockchain" .Many giant companies have entered the market in 2018. From Walmart to Goldman Sachs to Maersk, many organizations are experimenting with blockchain and distributed ledger technology. 90% of global business activities are on the blockchain.

While sensational blockchain technology is changing with each passing day, it is more important to focus on the team behind the-scenes that promote the development of technology, just like AtoX, a project that brings together international teams, relying on the strong scientific and technological talents of Silicon Valley world-class schools to promote blockchain technology, we strive tirelessly to promote the technological progress of the blockchain.

Let me take a look at the application example:
In August 2017, companies such as Walmart, Kroger, Nestle and Unilever partnered with IBM to improve food safety through blockchain tracking by strengthening supply chain tracking. Wal-Mart has been working with IBM since 2016 and said it has helped reduce mango's shipment tracking time from 7 days to 2.2 seconds. As the other nine large food suppliers join the IBM project, the food industry is better coordinated in terms of safety recalls, and cooperation in this area is still rare. " This is an opportunity for us to announce to the world with one voice that food safety will not be a competitive issue." Howard Popoola, Kroger Food Safety Supervisor, told Reuters.

The United Nations Climate Change Alliance is studying how distributed ledger technology (DLT) can improve its climate change initiatives. Currently, the alliance's goal is to create a transparent system for climate data, emissions data, and carbon trading methods. Distributed ledger technology protects climate data from political volatility.
Last year, many American scientists worried that with the appointment of the new director of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Research Library will be shut down and their data will be modified or deleted. The United Nations has previously developed a project to use the Ethereum blockchain to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees. The World Food Programme uses the blockchain to issue Ethereum-based food vouchers that can be cashed on the market.

There are many such examples. The world's major giant companies, government agencies, and even the United Nations have put blockchain technology on the agenda. It is no exaggeration to say that in this change sweeping the world, whoever can seize the opportunity, who can walk in the forefront of the industry.

AtoX is the one who understands the true meaning, accumulates strength to break through the siege and becomes a dark horse leading the blockchain 4.0.

AtoX has created a world-leading public blockchain system, a cross-chain wallet and a token trading platform based on the AtoX blockchain. Its emergence reflects the leap-forward development of technology in the industry. It expands the field of blockchain applications and improves the blockchain through trusted super nodes, the highest-end RPCA protocol, cross-chain lightning network, and near-infinite transaction speed, also improve the feasibility of the application.

2019 is a promising year and a brilliant year of blockchain technology. How's the way ahead? let us wait and see!

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