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The best way to stay up-to-date with what is happening with Bitbean, is to join our IRC Channel #teambean on Freenode:

Not only do you get the latest information, but you can get some Free Bitbeans from our resident TipBot (Beaner) that rains down Bitbean frequently!

Why not become a part of the success of Bitbean, by becoming actively involved and contributing to the community today -- and meet some of the great Beaners in our community?

Bitbean had no IPO, ICO or Pre-mine. We are a long-term digital currency that will be around for at least the next 95+ years!
Our current development team is comprised of all volunteers. If you would like to see faster developments, please consider a small donation to DevCore. We are actively engaged in bringing another active developer on board our team. Any donations are appreciated. We have some exciting plans for Bitbean moving forward!

DevCore Donations (Specifically allocated as incentives, for attracting top talented developers. Currently we are looking to raise 5 Million Bitbean.):


Team Bean (Specifically allocated to on-going infrastructure and hosting costs, give-away promotions, bounties and small projects within the community.):


Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Shawn Kent (aka Bitbeaner)
Director of Operations, Project Manager, Lead Developer
Bean Core, Team Bean, BitBean

BitBean, Re-defining State-of-the-Art in Digital Currency and Distributed Computing

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