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*Bean Core v2.0 will begin on August 1, 2016*.


Bean Core was established on March 19th., 2015 by active members and stake holders of the BitBean Community -- shortly after the take-over of BitBean by the community. Bean Core is a virtual company comprised of BitBean's largest Stake Holders (investors and developers), organized for the continued development, marketing and stewardship of the BitBean digital currency and network. A "Stake Holder" is defined as someone that has a significant investment in BitBean (1% or more of current monetary supply). All qualified Stake Holders are invited to have a key role in shaping the development, market, and stewardship of the BitBean currency and network. Bean Core operates much like a traditional company, with a board of directors, who also act in an executive capacity, managing core BitBean development and network infrastructure. Stake Holders accepted into Bean Core will have a voice in the direction of Bitbean, and be able to take an active role in it's development and stewardship. The organization of Bean Core is based on a consensus and ownership model. Large Stake Holders who have invested more in BitBean and remain actively involved, have a bigger voice in it's management and stewardship. Bean Core maintains the privacy of its members for those wishing to remain anonymous and to maintain core security.

::Bean Core Membership Requirements

1. Members must maintain a minimum of 1% of current BitBean (ß) monetary supply and actively SPROUT (also commonly known as "staking") it on the network.
2. One time donation of ß250,000 (BITB) to Team Bean address: 2WcY6PfocpVHi23rGceWCn4F4b4UrWSPhw
3. A valid current email address (members will receive an additional new email address domain after membership is approved. All email addresses are only to be used for official BitBean related business).
4. New members need to provide at least one Twitter, BitcoinTalk, or other Social Media handle/account name.
5. A little introduction (name/age/nationality/profession) of yourself and the value you can bring to Bean Core (BitBean project).

::Expectations as a Bean Core member

1. Monthly donation of ß1,000 (BITB) to Team Bean's address for verification: 2WcY6PfocpVHi23rGceWCn4F4b4UrWSPhw (Donation funds are used for infrastructure costs, BitBean development and marketing.)
2. Members must maintain a minimum of 1% of the current BitBean (ß) monetary supply and actively SPROUTing ("staking") it on the network.
3. Members must promote (tweet or re-tweet regularly) important BitBean related achievements, promotions, or events.
4. Members must be actively visible in at least one of BitBean's social media outlets (Twitter, BitcoinTalk,, official forum, and/or official IRC channel)
5. Members must login at least once per week to Bean Core Management Collaboration Platform, Zimbra ( or retrieve emails through a POP/SMTP/IMAP client)
6. Members must reply to emails sent through the Bean Core mailing list (
7. Communicate in a positive and constructive manner about BitBean, other members and represent BitBean in a professional manner.
8. Be present at least once per month in scheduled Bean Core sponsored conferences or meetings, either by text-chat, voice or video.
9. If members are involved in other competing projects, they must not share or intentionally impart work or knowledge of Bean Core or BitBean projects into other projects, that Bean Core has not officially partnered with or adopted. Bean Core members are expected to be loyal to the 'Core'. "Beans stick together!"
10. Bean Core members acknowledge and adopt a core value, that "families come first". Bean Core and Team Bean is comprised of members with families. Bean Core promotes family values, and team spirit within the BitBean community. Bean Core members should be people of integrity, honesty, generosity, compassion and have a passion to help BitBean reach mainstream adoption as a digital currency and computing network.


1. Have an active role in shaping the evolution of BitBean and it's market.
2. Receive an average of at least ß500,000 rewards per month -- paid out by the network for actively SPROUTing (providing resources to the network).
3. Receive a stipend of up to ß100,000 per month from Bean Core. Actual amount based on activity: Most Active ß100,000 (meeting all expectations for a period of 30 days), ß50,000 (meeting at least 50% of expectations for a period of 30 days), ß1,000 (under 50% of expectations for a period of 30 days)
4. Combined with the BitBean Network rewards and Bean Core stipend, members can potentially earn $500 USD (equivalent when value of BitBean exchanged at a 'fair market value') or more per month.
5. email account
6. Admin delegate access to tier-2 level collaboration tools ( and
7. Tier-2 support (voice/video conference with developers).
8. Access to ThinkFree Office Suite and other tier-2 level tools as they become available.
9. 5% discount on all items in (when available).
10. Early access to beta software releases.
11. Eligibility to participate in testnet.

::Existing Bean Core Members

Existing Bean Core members, prior to adoption of these new membership requirements (Bean Core v2.0), will have 30 days to meet the new standards and requirements, in order to maintain their membership status in Bean Core. A credit of ß100,000 will be extended to existing members (prior to Bean Core v2.0). Existing members will need to make an additional ß150,000 donation to Team Bean's address (2WcY6PfocpVHi23rGceWCn4F4b4UrWSPhw) by September 1, 2016 to maintain their Bean Core membership status. In addition, starting September 1, 2016 members will need to make a donation of ß1,000 each month to verify and confirm their membership. Failure to meet and maintain Bean Core expectations will result in a member being removed.


Bean Core will be funded by voluntary and mandatory donations to Team Bean's address: 2WcY6PfocpVHi23rGceWCn4F4b4UrWSPhw
Voluntary donations are made by members of the BitBean community (known as "Team Bean"), the public, sponsors, and Stake Holders.
Mandatory donations are made by members of Bean Core and the Executive Board of Directors. Members of the Executive Board of Directors, are required to make a monthly donation of at least ß500,000 to Team Bean (2WcY6PfocpVHi23rGceWCn4F4b4UrWSPhw), as a commitment to their stewardship and leadership role in the BitBean ecosystem.

::Termination of Membership Status

Members that fail to meet expectations as defined above for more than a 1 month period, will be given a notice of suspension and given an opportunity of two weeks in order to meet membership requirements. If after two weeks, if a member still fails to meet membership requirements, they have an opportunity to give a reply to the Executive Board of Directors, as to why they have not met requirements. If no reply is given to the Executive Board of Directors, membership will be automatically suspended. Members who are suspended have an additional 2 weeks to meet Bean Core expectations, after which membership will be revoked for a minimum of 1 year.

::How to Join?

Stake Holders that own a minimum of 1% of current BitBean monetary supply, that meets Bean Core requirements and expectations (as referenced above), may submit a request via email, stating their desire to join Bean Core. Applicants should submit their BitBean address(s) along with their other requirements. Applications should be sent to:

_Adopted on 07/25/2016 by consensus vote -- Bean Core, Executive Board of Directors_

Authorized Signature Adopting Bean Core v2.0
Member of Bean Core, Executive Board of Directors

Authorized Signature Adopting Bean Core v2.0
Member of Bean Core, Executive Board of Directors

Authorized Signature Adopting Bean Core v2.0
Member of Bean Core, Executive Board of Directors

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