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BitBean Goes Shopping Rebate Promotion

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*1st Real World Usage Campaign: BitBean Goes Shopping*

::Chapter One

BitBean Partner: Technium Unlimited
Campaign Rules:
For each purchase with BitBean, the customer of Technium Unlimited will receive a 10k BitBean Rebate after meeting rebate requirements and confirmation by Bean Core.
In addition Technium Unlimited as our partner in this promotion, will give a 2.5% discount to those paying with BitBean during this promotion, plus an additional 2.5% discount for those using crypto-currency payments -- for a combined 5% discount!
Promotion period is during the month of September, 2016 (5% Discount & 10k BitBean Rebate).
The price of the product must be higher than the rebate.
Rebate is only valid during the month of September 2016 and redeemable by sending an email with required submissions to:
How to Claim the Bonus:
* Re-tweet and like promotion:
* Follow BitBean Twitter account: @BitBeanCoin
* Follow Technium Unlimited Twitter account: @TechniumUnltd
* Send an email to: with:
--> BitBean Txid that was used to pay for the product
--> Your BitBean Address
--> Your Twitter account name
--> A photo of your purchased product (the real one that you receive) including the packaging and Technium shipping label

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In order to get the 2.5% off on all crypto-currency purchases, use the coupon code "Technium" at checkout, this promotional rate does not apply to credit card/debit card purchases.

You will receive an additional 2.5% rebate on all purchases after shipment is confirmed for all products that you used BitBeans to purchase! So be sure to use BitBeans for maximum savings!

Have any other questions? Visit TechniumUnlimited.Com, and you may either live chat with support, or open a ticket in the support option on the menu. You may also contact BitBeans staff or me here! Thanks!

:: @Ryan Carlow added on 03 Sep ’16 · 01:17

This is all in *addition* to BitBean's Dev Team's special rebate! You will still receive a rebate from them as well upon confirmation with BitBeans team :)


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