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Announcement: BitBean Community ("Team Bean")
August 8th., 2017

The Executive Board of Directors, of Bean Core has reached a consensus to re-brand BitBean for the upcoming release of v1.1.2 of the reference implementation. Bean Core is proposing to the BitBean community, here-fore referred to as "Team Bean", that BitBean is re-branded to "Bean Cash".

With a renewed focus, "Bean Cash" is a digital currency and peer-to-peer network. Its primary application is to be used as a store of value and a medium of exchange -- both on-line (Internet transactions), in-person transactions, or with merchants at the Point of Sale/Service (POS).

This change also mitigates issues of trademark disputes and confrontation, as the new name change references common names used in the public domain. BitBean is based in large part, on source code from Bitcoin, which is in the public domain. As core developers of BitBean (the digital currency, not the company), Bean Core Executive Directors believe, that re-branding preemptively mitigates moves by private companies that may try to lay claim, of rights to BitBean (the digital currency).

BitBean has existed for over 2 1/2 years as both a digital currency and a solid-secure peer-to-peer network -- without a hard-fork or transaction rollback! It has continued to be developed and maintained by Bean Core during this time. As stewards, we propose these changes, with the coming release of our v1.1.2 Core reference platform:

(Note: these change only relate to branding aspects)

Name: "BitBean" to be changed to "Bean Cash"

Tag-line: "Bigger..Faster..Stronger" to be changed to "Digital Cash"

Slogan: "Fast..Simple..Secure..More Than a Digital Currency!" (No Change)

Ticker: "BITB" to be changed to "BEAN"

Currency Code (for ISO 4217 Adoption): XBN Note: The first "X" is important because it designates a commodity that is independent of any government.

Cash Symbol: ß (Code-page 437: 00DF/225 for Point of Sale/Service Implementation)

New Domain: With this change, Team Bean and Bean Core would retain copyright and ownership of the "" domain. Existing and sub-domains would redirect to

New Domain: Hosting Services:
* An on-line wallet for Bean Cash (2017)
* email domain/service for Bean Cash holders (2017)
* SMTP relay (for future email protocols integrated into core) (2018)
* web-based micro-payment services (2018)

Bean Core formally invites Team Bean's input and discussion on these changes before formalization into v1.1.2 Reference Implementation.

The forum for participation in the discussion, is the channel "The Farm", hosted at:


With these additional changes, our target for release of v1.1.2 (Beta) is August 20th.


Bean Core Executive Board of Directors
(bod AT b I t b e a n DOT org)

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append delete #26. Naci

I'm holder of BITBEAN for so long and want to know when the developments ,what you called will start

append delete #27. Slawomir

My bitbean coins don't getting mature for twoje weeks any help whit this

append delete #28. bitallcoins

why wallet keep crashing on mac

append delete #29. Altcoinlover

Where do we go now for technical support?

My wallet stopped getting connections to the network a few days ago... and even with the updated beancash wallet, and the new conf file (using the former nodes), the wallet cannot find any connection to the network.


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