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Can you keep up with the pace of the fourth industrial revolution?

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People's Daily Overseas Edition published an article saying that the blockchain will be the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution.

The article said that the industrial ecology of China's blockchain was preliminarily formed. As of the end of March 2018, the number of companies with blockchain as the main business in China has reached 456, and the industry initially formed a scale. From manufacturing, platform services, security services of upstream hardware, to industrial technology application services of downstream, and then to industry investment and financing, media, and talent services to ensure the development of the industry, all sectors and industries have been basically included, blockchain industry chain has already been formed.
At the same time, China has begun to establish a national standard for blockchain, and plans to promote the construction of a blockchain standard system from the top-level design.

Blockchain technology has been produced for more than a decade. During this decade, someone suspected, someone slandered,some insisted on and someone worked hard. The blockchain has not slowed down its development from beginning to end, and has slowly penetrated into all sectors of society. The recognition and rectification of name of the relevant departments provide a broader space for the standardized development of blockchain technology.
Those who stand still and refuse to make progress may lose the opportunity to make a progress in the fourth industrial revolution.

AtoX reminds everyone: Time will not wait for you, join now!

The AtoX project is a value network created based on blockchain distributed ledger technology. Atox has an international operations team with team members from Silicon Valley, Switzerland, Italy and other countries. The project is based on Silicon Valley, which is rich in technology and talent, and has established the Silicon Valley Technology Lab. With the team's efforts, we successfully created a world-leading public blockchain system and introduced the blockchain into the era of blockchain 4.0.

AtoX selects the trusted super node and the highest-end RPCA protocol to achieve near-infinite transaction speed through the cross-chain lightning network. Its technical characteristics are reflected in the underlying architecture, distributed control structure, RPCA algorithm, etc.; technological innovation has reached an unprecedented height, which is reflected in ten aspects, such as historical records cannot be tampered with, data is flexible and recoverable, supports multiple transaction modes, private key separation, strict mode, chain compression, audit, Dump, subscription, and cross-chain.

AtoX Token, referred to as AXC, is different from Bitcoin's “mining” issuance mechanism. AXC uses delivery and purchase. AXC has the role of preventing malicious attacks and exchange media in AtoX. AtoX requires each account to have a certain amount of AXC. Each time a transaction is executed, one hundred thousandth of AXC will be destroyed, which will increase the cost of traders who create huge amounts of false accounts for malicious attacks and prevent malicious attacks. In addition, any coin can be exchanged with AXC to become a medium of exchange between coins.

In response to the call for the development of the times, AtoX took the lead in exploring the technology landing applications, application scenarios cover areas such as transfer business, cross-border remittance, smart bills, securities and investment markets, smart payment scenarios and other financial derivatives and other areas.

Blockchain technology will bring about changes in multiple fields! AtoX will lead users to the forefront of industry development!

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