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With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, traveling has become the first choice for public’s leisure and entertainment.

However, the phenomenon of intermediary’s arbitary charges, compulsive shopping, and charging exorbitant prices that occur during the trip has greatly reduced the travel experience of travelers. People can't help asking a question: When will the tourism chaos end?

Aiming at a series of problems such as credit over-issuing, high operating costs, high commissions, merchandise with sky-High price, commentary fraud, ticket scalpers, user information disclosure, etc. in the tourism industry, Chain Plus International creatively introduce blockchain technology, the FAF ((First Assets Financial) and Chain Plus Tourism were launched.

At the recent two sessions, the term “blockchain” appeared frequently. On the crest of wave, the mysterious veil faded, and the blockchain technology began to be well known to the public. Features such as decentralization, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and traceability are the unique auras of this technology. These characteristics are the "good medicines" for treating the "stubborn ills" of the tourism industry!

Whether you want to go to romantic Turkey, or Tokyo and Paris, FAF and Chain plus tourism can bring you a perfect trip!

Chain plus tourism: integration of resources and data, professional customization of personalized route

Chain Plus Tourism is committed to improving the quality of tourism services and establishing a global high-quality image and good reputation.

Professional tourism customization is a major feature of Chain Plus Tourism. As the world's first Internet + blockchain tourism platform, the goal of chain plus tourism is to become the leader of all-round coverage of the industry chain service in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry. The chain plus tourism platform integrates data and information from around the world, and according to consumers' personal preferences, personalized and characteristic services to provide users with detailed and professional route customization.

7 days and 24 hours throughout the year, and going on a trip at will is accompanied by chain plus tourism! The customer's favor comes from the double advantage of the technical strength and the high-quality service!

FAF: specialization of content, neglect neither investment nor payment

FAF ((First Assets Financial) is a decentralized real estate and tourism service system based on blockchain technology. It links providers and consumers of the global real estate and tourism service, based on the traceability and non-tampered of blockchain technology to protect the rights and privacy of trading buyers and sellers in the industry, building a transparent, credible, cheap, decentralized future real estate and tourism ecosystem.

Chain Plus Tourism will customize a exclusive travel plan and the FAF will implement the plan. The services in FAF include 9 functions such as hotel reservation, ticket reservation, scenic spot reservation, car rental reservation, sociality sharing and resource sharing. During the journey, from eating and drinking to having fun, from food to shopping, from leisure and entertainment to residential accommodation, the diverse functions of FAF bring a brand-new experience and feeling to all travel users.

In addition, FAF ((First Assets Financial) is a functional token developed based on goal orientation. It has a strong self-expansion color of application scenarios, never depreciating and adding value forever. It is the leading asset of the fourth generation of blockchain technology. Whether for investment purposes or for payment, FAF is a great choice for you!

The perfect journey, Chain Plus International will with you; put on your backpack, we will start now!

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