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Conference Summary MAY 2019

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Recap of the conference. Changing the ticker back to BITB from BEAN and reserving BEAN for Project X.

Another highlight of the conference, is I did a brief tour of the office, which is still not operational. The office is a place to work on BEAN and building software solutions for it. The take away from that, is that we will no longer be developing BEAN from a tiny home office and will have a professional office to conduct business. No big deal there.

Will be posting a Press Release thingy sometime regarding the BITB/BEAN ticker stuff and will mention a little about the distant Project X stuff.

Oh, one more point we discussed about getting BEAN on more exchanges. It was mentioned that anyone can list BITB/BEAN on an exchange. If the community wants BITB on an exchange, make it happen! BITB/BEAN is need to get permission from headquarters!

In the early days of BitBean, it was listed on a number of main exchanges plus a number of small ones. Cryptsy, Bittrex, Yobit (scam exchange) and others.

Of course in those days, people would just list coins on an exchange to get business. Now days you have to pay high extortion fees for everything.

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