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Ecological construction is related to the future development of blockchain projects

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The two sessions that have attracted much attention have sent a spring breeze for the development of blockchain technology!

The development of the AtoX project works in concert with the situation of spring blossoms, and it is assumed a fighting posture. As a leading public blockchain project, AtoX certainly attaches importance to the development of technology. For this reason, it is at the forefront of blockchain 4.0 technology; But for public blockchain projects, only advanced technology is far from enough. Ecology is also an indispensable aspect.

The AtoX project has always emphasized that it must address ourselves to the problem of both technology and ecology. Today, let's take a look at it which is the strong points of ecological construction of AtoX?

The ecological structure of Atox includes two aspects: user and node.

A user is an object who can initiate a transaction to a cross-chain lightning network. The user can be a person interacting with a cross-chain lightning network via a cross-chain wallet APP (such as the AtoX Swap App) or an living example of a trading algorithm connected to a cross-chain lightning network to automatically execute a transaction by issuing a cross-chain lightning transactions.

AtoX nodes include regular nodes, alternate nodes, and super nodes.

A regular node is a physical device that acts as a cross-chain lightning network access for a user. Because AtoX uses the RPCA protocol instead of the POW (proof-of-work) mechanism, regular nodes do not need to have huge computing power. But a regular node needs to have a stable and powerful Internet connection, because it will be used as the apex of the lightning network and should be able to be start up and run continuously to act as a middleman for cross-chain lightning transactions between users. A regular node should be connected to at least one super node.

An alternate node is a regular node that has the super node qualification with weighting. To prevent attempts to establish a malicious subnet on a cross-chain lightning network, AtoX artificially sets this threshold for security reasons. The alternate nodes will be selected from the regular nodes with at least 10,000 AXCs with the most outstanding performance in the past. The seats are limited to 70.

The supernode is also a physical device. In addition to acting as a regular node, it is also responsible for verifying the integrity of new transactions on the AtoX blockchain. The super-node seat limit for cross-chain lightning networks is 35.

The ecological construction of AtoX follows the win-win model.

In the past, most of the projects used the idea of“cutting leeks” to engage in ecosystem, and the great technological invention of ICO was degraded from a credit machine into a fraud tool. As a result, the market ruthlessly fell, the lesson was very painful, and the blockchain revolution was almost ruined.

AtoX follows the spirit of mutual benefit of co-governance and co-sharing, and regards ecological construction as the strategic fulcrum of the blockchain project, making full use of its core technology, business model, economic model, ecological construction, team strength, capital and resource capabilities to create blockchain projects with fast profitable, sustainable development and achieve a unified social contribution.

It is the core value of the AtoX project culture to take ecosystem as home and make the eco-co-founder a family. AtoX practices to eliminate ICO’s cutting leeks and return to the original value of the blockchain, allowing the ecosystem to grow together with the project, to get rich together, and to create a new ecological construction model.

Two new slogans from AtoX: Not as a member of the leeks, do not steal mines as nodes. In the world of AtoX, the production relationship is new, and we work for ourselves. The core development team, foundation, all-node, investors, commune members, and users will all participate on an equal footing. Everyone works hard together, actively contributes, creates ecology together, and shares ecological results.

The return of the AtoX project to economic and social transformation services is growing due to the enormous energy of AtoX and has unlimited potential.

Perfect ecological construction will become a powerful driving force to promote the rapid development of AtoX.

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