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Encrypted Asset Analyst predicts AJM price will exceed 10 yuan before and after Christmas

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Familiar with economics should all know a basic theory: price is determined by value, and is affected by the relationship between supply and demand.
With the establishment of AJM Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and the promotion of AJM's global conference, various positive news has greatly increased investor confidence. More and more people are entering the market, and there is a shortage of supply. AJM price Rising, the value is comparable to gold.

According to the prediction of well-known crypto-equity analysts, the AJM bulls are strong and have the initial signs of opening the bull market. It is very likely that they will rise to 10 yuan in one month. Judging from the multi-currency transaction data, AJM broke the high price of 0.6 US dollars in 24 hours. Although the resistance has declined, the mid-to-long-term uptrend has not broken. The users who did not enter the market will be an opportunity at this time. Of course, the high technology can be high and low to make a profit; the technical white does not matter, sit and wait for the arrival of the large range.

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How does the blockchain reshape cross-border payments? Summary of application cases in the global blockchain payment field
In 2019, technology giants launched related applications under the blockchain + wave, and some payment companies are also experimenting with blockchain applications.
What blockchain-based payment projects are worth paying attention to around the world? Jewish intelligence editors collected and compiled the hot-selling blockchain payment application cases for your reference.
Case 1, T-ark plans to use the fourth generation of blockchain technology to create a payment system
T-ark is developed and operated by Global Chain International Investment Group. It is a digital banking integrated service system based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. It not only provides storage and trading of digital assets, but also integrates A variety of distributed applications such as games, social groups, and live broadcasts. The core advantage of T-ark Digital Bank is that it has changed the traditional credit creation method, from the endorsement of entities such as government and enterprises to blockchain technology endorsement, and realized the P2P banking service of de-intermediation and trust, thus solving the traditional Bank ecological chain loss, high threshold, high cost, slow and inefficient customer expansion.

Case 2: China Merchants Bank uses blockchain technology to achieve cross-border direct-link clearing
On February 24, 2017, China Merchants Bank announced that it has applied blockchain technology to cross-border direct settlement, global account unified view and cross-border capital collection in the global cash management (Global Cash Management) field. Scenes.
Case 3, OKlink cross-border transfer remittance network based on blockchain
OKLink is a new generation of global financial network built on top of blockchain technology by OKcoin in 2016. The network is based on the blockchain trust mechanism and uses digital currency as the transmission medium, which can greatly improve the efficiency of international remittance transmission. In terms of business, we provide users with secure and transparent global remittance services through global financial participants such as banks, remittance companies, internet finance platforms, and multinational corporations.
Case 4, Visa push blockchain B2B payment platform
November 2017 Visa, a multinational financial services company, will conduct a bank-to-interbank transaction test as it prepares to commercialize the Visa B2B Connect platform. The banks involved in the test included commercial banks in the United States, Shinhan Bank in South Korea, Union Bank of the Philippines and United Overseas Bank of Singapore.
Case 5: The Central Bank of Russia uses blockchains in the transfer business
At the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, Russian State Development Bank Chairman Sergei Gorkov signed an agreement with the Governor of Kaliningrad District, Anton Alkikhanov. To try out a new blockchain-based payment system. Alikhanov said in a statement that the development bank's "ability in the field of blockchain technology" will help Russia's westernmost regions "improve the quality of management decisions."
Case 6, Ripple provides a global financial settlement solution
Ripple's main business is to help banks make cross-border payments easier. The core product is the Inter Ledger Protocol, which is essentially a real-time settlement system and currency exchange and remittance network based on a distributed open source Internet protocol, consensus ledger ( Consensus ledger) and the native currency XRP (Ripple). In 2016, Ripple's decentralized general ledger technology survey report pointed out that banks using Ripple network and local encryption token XRP (Ripex) for cross-border payments can save up to 42% compared to using today's banks. Using the Ripple network without XRP (Ripple Coin) saves 33% on international payments. Liquidity costs are reduced by 65%, payment operating costs are reduced by 48%, and Basel III tax execution costs are reduced by 99%.
Case 7, MasterCard officially released blockchain API
In October 2017, MasterCard announced that it will officially open the blockchain technology through the API (Application Programming Interface) released on its developer platform to provide a new transaction for consumers, merchants and bank partners. the way.
Case 8: Application of Ant Financial Blockchain in Cross-border Payment
On the afternoon of June 25, 2018, the Hong Kong version of Alipay Alipayay was launched. This is the world's first blockchain-based e-wallet cross-border remittance service. The first remittance was completed on the spot by the Filipino Grace who worked in Hong Kong for 22 years. The whole process took only 3 seconds. "The blockchain should not be a tool for overnight wealth, but should solve social problems. It must solve data privacy, sustainable development, green and other issues. Bitcoin may be a bubble, but (blockchain) technology itself is not a bubble. This is what Ma Yun said at a press conference. Ma Yun admits that using blockchain technology to achieve cross-border remittances is one of the projects he cares most about in the past six months.

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Jewish Intelligence 043: AJM is bullish in the general direction, paying attention to the opportunities for compensatory growth and the big Yang line
News internal reference:
1. AJM Indonesia Sulu market is hot, and the participation in the scene is high.
On November 12, 2019, AJM Southeast Asian community leaders gathered in Sulu, Indonesia to promote the concept and vision of AJM digital banking ecology for local blockchain enthusiasts, which was unanimously recognized by the participants. It is understood that AJM has successfully cracked the "impossible triangle" based on blockchain 4.0, combining high speed, decentralization and security to raise the blockchain technology to a new height.
2. Li Lihui, former president of Bank of China: Virtual currency is different from legal digital currency and digital currency of trusted institutions.
3. Principal Analyst of China Merchants Securities Strategy: Blockchain is one of the investment themes that should be actively deployed in 2020.
According to Shanghai Securities News, Zhang Xia, chief analyst of China Merchants Securities Strategy, said that in 2020, the top ten investment themes under the new technology cycle should be actively deployed. The top ten investment theme industries or industries include Huawei's Apple industry chain, AR/VR, and cloud. Games, cloud computers, cloud mobile Internet of things, car networking, blockchain, network security, automatic driving, etc.
4. The currency security completed the system upgrade and resumed trading at 12:20.
5, SEAL Hill Chain and Dcoin reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop the global market
6. Royal Bank of Canada is exploring the development of a cryptocurrency trading platform for online purchases and investments. It is speculated that the bank is also considering allowing customers to open bank accounts that contain digital currency.
7. The Federal Reserve Bank Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Huck, reiterated that the Fed’s digital currency is inevitable.
8. Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Bitfinex and Tether, said that Bitfinex is planning to launch a gold-backed stable currency, Tether Gold.

Market analysis:
The general direction is bullish, paying attention to the opportunity of compensatory and the big Yang line
AJM received a small cross star today after the Yinxian. From the perspective of the moving average system, the current 5-day moving average is below the 10-day moving average. The willingness to fund the bottom is not strong, and it remains in a range of shock consolidation, support and pressure reference before and before the low high. It can be confirmed that this adjustment is benign. In order to better rise later, the main wash is also a necessary action. Adjustment will test patience from time to time! As far as the operation is concerned, it can continue to be held, and the general direction is optimistic, and there is a suggestion to add a position and a bargain.

At the hourly level, BTC maintains the trend of shrinkage consolidation, but the upper and lower pins are serious. The daily average MA30 daily average constitutes support. The overall range is oscillated in the 8600-8900 US dollar range. The 8800-8900 USD is a small pressure range. There is an opportunity to hit the point above $9000. Short-term market volatility, short-term operators need to be cautious, avoid blind orders. The mainstream currency and the broader market kept in sync, first falling and then rising, but the amount of energy continued to shrink, the long-term take-over strength was insufficient, it is difficult to break through the shock range and continue to wait and see.

According to its 12-hour chart, ETH appears to be testing a major resistance cluster given by 150 12-hour moving averages and rising parallel channel tops. The price of Ethereum has been included in this technical form since October 27. From then on, each time it reaches the bottom of the channel, it will bounce to the middle or top. Currently, Ethereum is trading around the top of the rising parallel channel. The increase in capacity allows this password to break through the channel, approaching 150 12-hour moving averages, which can be seen as a very positive signal. If this happens, the ETH may rise to test the next resistance level, which is about the 200 12-hour moving average at 2.36 million satoshis, which is where the adjacent line of the rising triangle is. Closing above the 200-point 12-hour moving average may mean that ETH will soar by 30%.
However, if the movement speed cannot exceed 150 12-hour moving averages, it may mean backtracking to the bottom of the channel. If the sell-off is strong enough, ETH may break the 100-point 12-hour moving average.


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