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Gathering global good stuffs, NewBuy Mall is attacking

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Are you still upset about the lack of reliable purchasing channels for your favorite products?

Is it worrying about time-consuming, difficult to return, leakage of personal information, customs duties and other issues in the process of overseas shopping?

How can we ensure the quality, return for goods and after-sale payments in the face of the items received in hand?

Spending money on shopping was originally a happy thing, and the unreliable shopping channel has extended the distance between you and your favorite goods!

In 2019, the world's first cross-border e-commerce company, NewBuy Mall, which supports the payment of the pass, is attacking. It gathers global good stuffs, and you can stay at home and make your shopping!

The major brands are dazzling, multiple guarantees of quality and after-sales

The first batch of on-line products of NewBuy Mall was selected as the high-quality, low-cost and practical convenience products widely available to the people's livelihood. The products cover a wide range of products, a variety of clothing, household supplies, digital appliances, fashion accessories, and so on, high-end brands and people-friendly goods listed in the same platform, which can meet the fashion needs of the younger generation and meet the needs of all ages. All products have been certified by the Quality Inspection Bureau to ensure quality and completed after-sales service, so that merchants and consumers can trade with 100% peace of mind.

The development of the times is changing with each passing day, and the payment of the token is unstoppable

The rapid development of the digital economy has driven the cross-border e-commerce to move forward; the blockchain technology has become more and more popular, complementing the leap of the token economy; NewBuy Mall innovatively combines the two perfectly, providing an unprecedented trading platform for businesses and consumers. Here, you do not have to consider the difference in the international exchange rate, you don't have to consider whether or not you have opened the cyber bank, whether you are holding BTC, AXC, FAF, WDD or WA, all are the coins supported by the platform, can be used for the purchase payments of goods!

The integration of technology and innovation to create a world-class platform

As the world's first online mall to support blockchain token payments, NewBuy combines the best technology from Silicon Valley in the US and integrates years of experience from industry experts. NewBuy adopts the world-class e-commerce model as the standard, combines with the localization requirements, adopts the most cutting-edge and high-end standards from the website planning, art design and programming. It adopts the MVC design mode and provides excellent expansibility for modularized functions and guarantees the customization and integration of functions in the future.

The token economy is the biggest future of the blockchain and a powerful corner of the world pattern in the future. NewBuy Mall, opening the era of innovative application of the token assets in the field of e-commerce payment!

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