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I not receive bean sprouting

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My wallet is sync with 100,000 bean stalk weight 1781996. why

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Firstly, bean stalk height is a total network statistic.

Current network weight is 241673417.

Your weight with 100k is probably around 25,000.

You aren't going to get sprouts every day with that weight. More like once a week. There's variance as well, you may have a period of 'bad luck' (more than a week between sprouts), along with periods of good luck.

You do not tell us how long you have been sprouting either. Be patient.

:: @efx added on 24 Feb ’18 · 11:05

Please read the message below from Bigjim for a better explanation:
#1. Bigjim
4 Days is the expected average, but you're subject to the laws of randomness.... Compare it with throwing dice: each day you can throw 1 time, and each time you'll throw a six, you'll get a sprout. There is no guarantee that you will throw a six in six turns, but it will happen eventually.

My first sprout took 9 days, while the wallet was saying 5 days expected. Next sprout was already 1 day later. This makes 2 sprouts in 10 days, which is perfectly the average of 5 days.

So have a little patience, in long terms the numbers will work out! As long as the sprouting icon is there at the bottom and you keep the wallet open 24/24 you're ok.


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