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Last Call For BitBean Testnet Signup

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If you would like to participate in the upcoming launch of the BitBean Testnet, send an email to:

In the subject line: BitBean Testnet Signup

In the body: a handle to identify you in our live chat.

Those who wish to participate in the Testnet, as a minimum should be available for regular communication, know how to open a command shell, and be able to report results in a timely fashion.
Our Testnet will consist of a v1.1.2 Alpha release, to be announced on the Testnet mailing list.
If you signup for the Testnet, you will be added to the mailing list.
When Testnet goes live, only those who are signed up and participate will receive BitBean Testnet tokens for their node.
Deadline to signup is January 31st., 2017 (EST).

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can you add bean to binance and okex?

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I agree, binance would be awesome.


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