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Recently, we've had some discussion in Bean Core about redefining our image and marketing. One of our goals is to inject a more professional and mature image of Bitbean to our target audience: average consumers (Not necessarily crypto-currency geeks).

*Currently our Tagline for Bitbean is: "Bigger..Faster...Stronger!"*

Bean Core would like to solicit new ideas for a Tagline. In doing so, we are opening up this process to the wider Bitbean Community (Team Bean).

After some discussion in our official IRC channel #teambean on Freenode, we've come up with the following rules for the contest:

1.) For each tagline submitted, a reward of 1,000 BitB will be sent to the associated BitBean address.

2.) One tagline entry per BitBean address. We recommend Beaners to submit a maximum of 5 entries each.

3.) Anyone can pay the 1,000 BitB reward, so even those that don't have any ideas for a new Tagline can participate.

4.) Rewards will be considered paid, when a post is amended to a post with a new Tagline along with the originator's BitBean address. An entry will be considered paid when a transaction ID is amended to the Tagline posting.

5.) Entries must be posted in this thread on this forum (Our official forum & Thread):

6.) No copies from previous posts, only original taglines.

7.) The contest will be open for one-week from the date of this posting.

8.) All eligible entries at the end of the contest period, will be compiled and submitted to Bean Core members for a vote on the best one. 100,000 Bitbeans will be awarded to the associated winning Tagline. An announcement of the new chosen Tagline will be made in this original thread, along with a Twitter announcement 48hrs. after the contest period ends.

9.) A tagline should be short and elicit an emotional reaction.

:: @Bitbeaner added on 22 May ’16 · 21:39

To start things off, here is an example post. Append your post to the top-level thread.

Digital Currency Refined


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append delete #1. Bitbeaner

Digital Currency Refined


:: @Bitbeaner added on 22 May ’16 · 21:51


append delete #2. sellvia

1. Like a rock!

2. BitBean has a better idea!

3. The best a man can get!

4. Behold the power of Bitbean!

5. BitBean is for life!



:: @Bitbeaner added on 31 May ’16 · 16:57


append delete #3. johnguru

Bitbean money better than honey:)

We love to fly with Bitbean to the sky:)

Celebrate the moments of your life with us :)

Nothing runs like a Bitbean :)

Get a piece of the rock :)


:: @Bitbeaner added on 31 May ’16 · 16:58


append delete #4. amirul1969

Bitbean meet the demands of the future!
Bitbean is commerce centric crypto-currency
Bitbean is a real-time crypto currency for real-world use.
Bitbean is being designed for real-life commerce
Bitbean delivers 20MB block sizes


:: @Bitbeaner added on 31 May ’16 · 17:24


append delete #5. BeanMeUp

I'll leave one for now

It's more than just cash

append delete #6. Bitbeaner

As a reminder, only one address is eligible for one 1,000 BitB reward, one time, for one Tagline. If you want to submit multiple Tagline entries (up to 5), each Tagline *must* contain 1 unique associated BitBean address.

append delete #7. rpcuse

bitbeans, more than money ...


:: @Bitbeaner added on 31 May ’16 · 18:17


append delete #8. Canny

Real Growth, Real Beans

All season growth with Bitbean

Grow the Future

Digital Development Currency

(yeah, i like growth) let it grow !


:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:11


append delete #9. Fiki Hafana

Innovative Currency
save money, live better
Always Innovative
Good crypto to invest
Better vision for future

Fiki Hafana : 2Pa9Kn97eJYR4ZEpjPhjGsp21c75nrZWVK

:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:17


append delete #10. Jack Kray

Green economy
Solution for cryptocurrency
We love bitbean
bean for earth
Green Crypto Currency


:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:22


append delete #11. Octo

Worth to use
Bitbean is the new currency
Nothing is impossible
we're still going strong
Bitbean smart money


:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:23


append delete #12. Regina

people's choice
designed for strong
your flexible economy
community favourite coin
Enjoy future


:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:26


append delete #13. Panjul

Bitbean with "Future" words

Future for all
Future the solution
The spirit of future
We bring future to life
Future for you


:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:28


append delete #14. Allstar

How its done
Customer Succes Network
User Based W8
Green Network Staking
Innovation network


:: @Bitbeaner added on 01 Jun ’16 · 22:30


append delete #15. Bitbeaner

Contest is official ended. No more entries will be accepted. Bean SPROUTs will be sent for those who participated, and an announcement will be made as to the winning Tagline within 48 hrs.

Thank you for those who participated!

append delete #16. Fiki Hafana

What is new tagline for bitbean and who is winner?

Fiki Hafana

:: @Bitbeaner added on 07 Jun ’16 · 02:21

Bean Core has not come to a decision on the New Tagline yet. It looks like none of the submitted ones are able to be used, but there is perhaps two that give some good ideas that may be incorporated in the final Tagline. So their may be two winners! We'll post here and on Twitter when we have a decision.

append delete #17. Bitbeaner

None of the submitted Taglines are usable as Taglines. There is no winner.

append delete #18. Canny

Hi beaners !

Have been plaing with the new Android wallet, and was nicely impressed :D

Really 'Fast way to pay' , with the qr scanner. happy guy here !


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