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New Core Development Group Announced: Bitbean Core!

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As part of our commitment to supporting Bitbean and driving it forward, we are announcing the formation of our new core development group, Bitbean Core and inviting in high Stake Holders.

A "Stake Holder" is defined as someone that has a significant investment in Bitbean (5 Million or more). Stake Holders are invited to have a key role in shaping the development, direction and market for Bitbeans. As part of Bitbean Core, Stake Holders will be eligible for their own email account and be tied into our collaboration infrastructure. Much like a traditional board of directors, Stake Holders accepted into Bean Core, will have a voice in the management, and be able to take a leadership role in the Bitbean eco-system. The organization of this core development group ("Bean Core") will be based on consensus and an ownership model. Those with a bigger stake in Bitbean will have a bigger voice. Bean Core will maintain the privacy of its members and remain anonymous.

High Stakers, who own at least 5 Million Bitbeans, are invited to join Bitbean Core. To join, a holder must submit their bitbean address to verify their investment amount by email to:

Upon receipt of their bitbean address, holders will be asked to donate (a minimum of 100,000 Bitbeans) a specific amount of Bitbeans to Team Bean to verify their ownership of that address. Upon verification, the High Staker will then be assigned an account within Bitbean Core.

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