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Overview the application scenarios of AtoX,

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and the business opportunity of trillion yuan can not be missed!

The convening of the two sessions made blockchain once again stand on the cusp. Contrary to the previous high-pressure situation of strict supervision and strong suppression, the two sessions gave more tolerance and understanding to the blockchain. Whether it is a traditional industry giant or a start-ups, they all have begun to deploy the blockchain. The number of landing applications has increased, and investment and financing tend to be more rational.

This change stems from the recognition of the blockchain technology, as well as the fact that blockchain technology has changed the world.

The large-scale commercial era of blockchain is coming soon!

AtoX is a value network created based on blockchain distributed ledger technology and is the world's leading public blockchain system. Under the leadership of AXC’s core technology team in Silicon Valley, on the basis of significant scientific and technological progress made by Atox, Atox is working towards a wider range of scenario applications!

Today, let's take a look at the application scenarios of Atox:
Transfer business, cross-border remittance
This is the most important application scenario for AtoX.

Blockchain technology has taken advantage of its unique advantages for traditional cross-border transfers, high remittance procedures, and slow transaction speeds. Cross-border remittances based on blockchain technology allow users to complete transfers at a lower cost and faster rate under a decentralized mechanism. In addition, the use of blockchain technology to transfer and remit money, as well as reduce liquidation costs, enhance financial liquidity, support multiple currencies, and facilitate payment supervision and other advantages.

Smart bills
The financial bill business has always been a hot application field of blockchain technology. AtoX's underlying architecture and technical features support the pan-financial business, providing enterprises with a blockchain-based promissory trading system.

Application of securities and investment markets
In the securities market, AtoX blockchain technology can be applied to securities registration and issuance, securities clearing and settlement, etc., which can greatly simplify intermediate links and transaction processes, improve market transaction efficiency, and help promote transaction settlement to realize the real-time full transaction of T+0. By building smart contracts on the blockchain to turn securities into digital smart assets, smart contracts will stipulate the rights and obligations of the participants, the automation of execution is realized in the way of computing program, and the cost of manual operation is reduced again.

Intelligent payment scenario application
The traditional payment model relies on the trust of the center and the intermediary. The AtoX’s blockchain technology provides a programmability, scripting according to the specific transaction mode, and automatically completing the payment when certain conditions are met. The development of smart contracts may cause the intermediary links to disappear, such as various conditional guarantee payments, and various types of agency payment business.

Other industries

AtoX is an underlying public blockchain system with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of blockchain technology and can be applied well in more industries. AtoX is committed to making the industry an alternative in the cross-border payment industry, but other financial derivatives can be launched simultaneously to expand its ecosystem applications more broadly.

Since its inception in 2009, blockchain technology has been developed for more than a decade. From the initial embryonic development to the stage of hot discussion, to the growing application scenarios and industry maps, the technology has withstood the test of time.

With the support of favorable policies, the development of blockchain will usher in a bright future.
The business opportunity of trillion yuan is coming, are you ready?

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