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Public Statement Regarding BitBean on Yobit Exchange

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The matter of whether to de-list BitBean on Yobit ( ) went before the community for a vote. The result was a 50/50 tie. This matter was then put before the Bean Core Board of Directors. During deliberations the issue to de-list Yobit as an official BitBean exchange, failed to reach 100% consensus among the executive directors. Because of the aforementioned, no action will be take at this time to pursue de-listing of BitBean on Yobit.

The Board of Directors (BOD) of Bean Core, however, are releasing this statement to the community and public:

The BitBean team would like to give a recommendation to the hosting of BitBean on the Yobit exchange. The wallet
was left in maintenance for a prolonged period for no apparent reason, well not a technical one. Now the wallet is
fully synchronized facilitating uninterrupted deposits and withdrawals. The order books along with buying and selling
of BitBeans has also been tested by us and we are confident they are functioning fine.

We would not be looking to delist BitBean from this exchange unless new issues are raised. We would like to
emphasize we are not comfortable with our investors keeping large amounts of coins (not just BitBean) being
left on the exchange for any length of time. Only keep enough to enable your trading and move off your spoils
into private wallets at your earliest convenience.

The Yobit exchange has been dogged with many complaints from it's users on practically every aspect of it's operation.
This, in conjunction with the many scam coins getting listed regularly, our recommendation would be to avoid the
exchange but for the seasoned (and lucky) trader the exchange can result in good rewards. Basically trade at Yobit
with very extreme care and an enormous amount of prejudice.

The BitBean team will get off it's soap box now and if you wish to express your views on the subject please do not
hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your attention.

-- Respectfully, Bean Core, Executive Board of Directors

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