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Public Statement Regarding BitBean Yobit Exchange Situation

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The matter to de-list Yobit (, as an official exchange of BitBean, is before the BOD (Bean Core Board of Directors) and under consideration at the moment. They are holding a lot of user's BitBean, so we have to proceed carefully and do what we can, to encourage them to re-activate their BitBean wallet..once again. From what I can tell, there was over 1M in one of their associated addresses, which has recently been moved. We are proceeding carefully....I ask all the community to show kindness in your dealings with them over the matter....yes I know, not easy to show kindness to someone holding your money...but when you send your Bitbean to an exchange or relinquish control over them. Unfortunately, in the crypto community there are a lot of shady actors, let us pray that Yobit is not one of them and will act in best interest of it's users and it's own self-interest to survive as a "profitable" business serving our communities. Look what happened to Paul Vernon of Cryptsy...he is hiding and on the run..and will be for the rest of his life...people like that will have no peace...that is their punishment!


Best Regards,

Shawn Kent
Project Manager & Lead Developer
Bean Core & Team Bean

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