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Hello friends, first time poster long time beaner:

I bought a raspberry pi for staking/sprouting my 1 mil of beans but I cant seem to get a Bitbean wallet to function on rasbian, any ideas here?

Is my only hope to install another distro on it?

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append delete #1. Alejandro

I'm about to venture down this road today. What errors are you getting? I just managed after 2 weeks of errors while compiling to get Reddcoin to work on my Pine64+. I'm wondering how much harder could the other coins be to compile.

append delete #2. kraster

Hi, i've also tried to build the linux repo on the raspbian os but without success. it fails in compilation. I think this is related to:

append delete #3. Schbo

Trying to set it up, too. Which one is the real official wallet on github anyways? There is teambean with a few versions, teambitbean with bitbean-core...
Maybe worthwhile tidying up a bit or at least link to the latest one on the downloads page?
Also I think the issues are related to new versions of openssl but I would be careful with downgrading!


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