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Realizing the counterattack of wealth in AJM is so simple


Jewish intelligence 046: AJM bulls up the power, the rebound trend is obvious, the new round of rising prices began! ! !
11-18th News Reference
1. Zhang Jianhua, President of Hua Xia Bank: At present, the application of blockchain technology in commercial banks is more about supply chain financing.
2. Slovak Ambassador to China: Blockchain releases the potential of Sino-Singapore cooperation.
3. Li Guoqing re-invested in a blockchain project.
According to the Beijing News, Tianxue data shows that in recent days, Changsha Powerful Wisdom Information Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, from the original Shenzhen Power Information Technology Co., Ltd. 100% shareholding, adding four corporate shareholders, including shareholdings Suqian Guoluo Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership) with a ratio of 0.5%.
4. Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: We must focus on breaking through the core technologies of blockchains such as smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms.
On November 17, the 2019 International Blockchain Conference was held in Deqing, Zhejiang. Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the innovation and development of the blockchain technology industry, track and analyze the frontier dynamics, and accelerate the improvement of top-level design. Focus on breaking through key core technologies such as smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and encryption algorithms to support the construction of blockchain open source communities.
5. Long Hash Report: Tether manipulation did not lead to Bitcoin's 2017 bull market.
Long Hash official website published an article saying that in order to measure the impact of Tether on the bitcoin market, we calculated a measure called Tether purchasing power, which is defined as the market value of Tether divided by the market value of bitcoin. It measures how many bitcoins can be purchased for all Tether supplies in the market at current spot prices. The higher the ratio, the more potential manipulations are performed using Tether.
6, BM: EOSIO's goal is to become the fastest and most versatile application database.
7. Bitcoin has an “empty block” at 604285 today.
According to Tokenview data monitoring, Bitcoin has an “empty block” at block height 604285. The block size is only 379 Bytes. There is no transaction except for the 12.5 BTC mining award in the block. The browser shows that the block was dug by the ant mine pool. Block hash: 0000000000000000000625bf416d7b4e1e41a80bb29902ba91effba752b97abe.
8. The Jank Group retired as a legal person in the company, and Wu Jihan quit the main members of the company.
According to the financial network · chain financial news, according to the national corporate credit information publicity system, the Jank group retired as the legal representative of the company (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Wu Jihan exited from the main members of the company. At present, the legal representative of the company is Xu Weiliang, and the position of the Jenke group is changed to a manager. In the case of the Bitcoin Patent Dispute, the Fortune Technology Company was the patentee of the patent involved. The company has licensed Beijing Bit China to implement the patent in the form of a general implementation license.
11-18 day market analysis
AJM's long-term uplifting power, the rebound trend is obvious, the new round of rising prices began! ! !
On the 17th, on the weekend, AJM sent a wave of surprises, the price rose rapidly, the highest touched 0.27 US dollars, the opening on the 18th continued the trend of yesterday, the bottom long amount can be sufficient, the overall trend formed an upward trend, there is a further upward pull attitude.
The trend always appears unconsciously. The effective breakthrough of each wave trend line is the key point for the start of the big market. It is recommended to follow the trend.
Today's trend is to test up around the daily 5-day moving average of 8500, breaking the yesterday's high point and further testing to the upper high resistance zone. After the 60-day moving average 8620 position is blocked, a callback trend is formed. It can be seen that the upside pressure has been accumulated. It is difficult to effectively start the uptrend, but the trend is adjusted around the 5-day moving average. The short-term market sentiment is showing signs of gradual recovery. In the follow-up battles, the bulls will also pick up. The MACD indicator is still showing. Continued, the situation is still biased towards the short side. In the process of rebounding, we must always pay attention to the threat of high resistance above. The more stage of the market tends to oscillate and adjust. The current rise is the suppression of high resistance, and the bulls further release the upper bear pressure. In the short-term market pressure, the short-term market pressure will also be strengthened. The follow-up trend may be further retraced. It is necessary to pay attention to the 8400 first-line and low-level support. Once broken, the short-term shock tempo will also be difficult to maintain and continue to enter the oscillating down stage, so the situation Before it is completely stable, the operation is recommended to be high-altitude, and the low is supplemented. Follow up at 8600-8700. Look to 8400, more than a single recommendation to look at the amount of 8600 in the 8400-8300 regional distribution.
The recent trend of ETH gradually entered a weak stage, and the Bollinger Band entered a parallel posture. The trend formed a rebound near the Bollinger Band 177, but it still suffered from the short resistance above the middle rail 184 of the Bollinger Band. The situation still failed to open upwards. The trend is in a stagnant posture. The STOCH indicator and the RSI indicator are both leveled around the 50 level line. The follow-up trend will form a turbulent trend. The operation suggestion is low and the air is recommended. The empty list suggests that the 187-190 area will follow up. The more than one proposal is recommended at 180-177. Follow up nearby, with a good stop loss and stop the operation to ensure safe and effective profit.


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