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RE[4]: Realizing the counterattack of wealth in AJM is so simple


AJM accelerates deepening of the Southeast Asian blockchain market Indonesia's community has unlimited potential!
Since its launch, AJM has always adhered to a global vision to expand the international market. With the approach of the 30-nation global ecological summit in 2020, AJM has accelerated its ecological layout and focused on the Southeast Asian blockchain market. It has held seminars and exchange meetings in various cities in Indonesia to promote the comprehensive development of the Indonesian market.
At present, AJM Indonesian community activities are in full swing, and have held seminars and exchanges in various regions such as Medan, Jakarta, Magelang, Sulu and Badang, which are widely praised by Indonesian crypto-equity enthusiasts.
With the opportunity of the “Global 30-nation Eco-Stage”, AJM will continue to work on the fertile soil of this blockchain, relying on its own blockchain 4.0 technology, pooling innovation, and exploring the Indonesian block with the global blockchain quality resources. The chain market, in order to continuously improve the Indonesian distributed business system, reshape the new ecology of the industry, create a complete distributed business ecosystem, and achieve and help more companies and individuals create their own business ecosystem in the blockchain wave.
We have reason to believe that in the future, AJM will eventually push the digital banking ecosystem to the world, and benefit the global digital asset enthusiasts to promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry!

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