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Tark's technical advantage: multiple protection mechanisms, safe and impeccable!

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The world's first cross-chain wallet that can store multiple coins has been launched, and Tark wallet has incomparable advantages. This article focuses on Tark's technical advantages.

Blockchain 4.0 cross-chain storage

Using blockchain 4.0, a cross-chain token wallet that merges the double ecosystems of on-chain and off-chain surpasses the third-generation blockchain technology based on BTC, ETH, EOS and other mainstream tokens, and realizes a leap from blockchain 1.0 to 4.0, will meet the user's all-token asset management needs with one click.

Fully isolated network

When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the non-networking mode. It builds the transaction and signature at the cold-end, and connects the network to broadcast the transactions at the hot-end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eliminating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.

Easy to operate, do whatever you want
T-ark (T-ark wallet) comes with high-configuration mobile terminal equipment, which can be conveniently carried by users, the ultimate hardware experience, convenient operating system, powerful online news and information functions, letting you grasp asset trading information and the trend of the token market, the investment is one step faster.

Seed + payment double password
Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, T-ark wallet strictly controls the payment extraction operation, and the seed password + payment password two password security management mechanism, to prevent asset theft and fraudulent use, encrypted storage, never touch the net, security Verification, delete when you are done.

The world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection mode to protect your token assets! Do you dare to say such an asset wallet?

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For wealth investment, I only choose Chain Plus International!

Life is really precious, but love cost more; Both can be given up for freedom.

We all have personal freedom. We dream of spiritual freedom and freedom of time, but what many people do not expect is that one day cherry is also a kind of freedom, and it is also a kind of unrealizable freedom.

It can only be said that poverty limits our imagination; poverty limits the purchasing power; poverty limits the freedom.

An investment method with low investment, high returns and fast time is born!

The million dollar wealth creation plan is a wealth investment project launched by the Chain Plus International Holdings Group. Chain Plus International Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is registered in BVI (British Virgin Islands) and is committed to the use of blockchain technology, combined with the token assets, to comprehensively enhance the service quality of human life. It is an emerging global blockchain multinational group. The group’s strength is strong and trustworthy!

The million dollar wealth creation plan of Chain Plus International is a simple, easy and easy-to-copy way to create wealth. With a minimum investment of $200, you can choose a set of products that you like and value for money in the four products, so that you can get a quick opportunity to get rich. The company will provide a free global live broadcast to help you propagate.
You share this great opportunity with three like-minded friends who, like you, have taken the same approach, and the $200 you invested will turn into a huge fortune of $2.2 million!

Low investment – you only need to pay $200 to share your chances with your fingers;
High returns - $2.2 million, is the total amount of wealth that many people find difficult to accumulate throughout their lives;
Time is fast - it takes only five months from $200 to $2.2 million!

Each of the four major products has its own advantages, it's up to you!

The four series of products of Chain Plus International include FAF ((First Assets Financial), Guoye Jewelry, National Stone Chain Disk, Chain Plus Tourism.

FAF ((First Assets Financial) is the world's first functional token asset for real estate and tourism; Guoye Jewelry - will become a world-class jewelry brand in the future; National Stone Chain Disk - The 5G era has arrived. NSCD utilizes distributed storage, which has higher security, lower operation and maintenance costs, and better confidentiality than traditional storage systems. Chain plus tourism – is a tourism platform that combines big data and resource integration to support the integrated payments of global token assets.

Four highlights, shocking everyone!

There are four highlights in the million dollar wealth creation plan of Chain Plus International:
1. Everyone can become a millionaire - Low threshold, decentralization, everyone is the boss;
2. Do not hurt your connection, and continue to operate forever - It's not a pyramid sales or a direct selling, it a win-win cooperation, and get rich by sharing;
3. International Platform, Global Business - Hosting hundreds of conferences around the world to help you succeed quickly;
4. Make hard things simple, easy to copy - Global circulation of token assets, the market is infinite, the income has no upper limit!

For the loser,they don't believe them when they see them;
For the ordinary person, believe them after see them;
For those who are successful, first believe them before you see them!
The era of big fish eating small fish has passed, this is a new era of fast fish eating slow fish, the faster get and the slower lose!


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