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The "era of competition of family background" of the token trading platform

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The tightening of regulation has not stopped the blockchain industry from moving forward. On the contrary, with the continuous improvement of the influence of blockchain technology and the continuous recognition of the bright future of the token economy, many business giants have been involved in this industry.

Just before the end of the first quarter of 2019, the three token trading platforms have received official trading licenses issued by the Financial Services Agency. One of them was acquired by Japanese e-commerce giant Lotte, followed by two additional capital increases; another fund-based token trading platform funded company including Japanese communications company IIJ and 18 other large Japanese companies that we are familiar with.

With such a strong backstage background, the insider can't help sighing,the token for compliance trading is entering the era of "competition of family background"?

The expansion of licenses is not a good thing for the token trading platform that have obtained the license, which has reduced the gold content of their strong cards. However, the driving force behind the development of the token economy is its monetary attributes, payment functions and investment potential. This is also the reason why the token economy can still develop vigorously under strong regulatory policies.

Therefore, if the token trading platform that has obtained the license wants to consolidate its own strengths, it should start from deploying the ecosystem and realizing a broader application scenario!

Wafcoin is registered in the Virgin Islands in 2018. It is the world's first token trading platform with dual licenses. Compliance and legality provide a solid foundation for the development of the platform.

At the beginning of 2018, the global bear market struck, and Wafcoin did not forget to build itself. The ecosystems of the platform is perfect, the scalability is high, and there are very good fan groups! The Wafcoin platform and platform token WA based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology has already deployed the GEP ecological plan on a global scale, bringing the blockchain into the 4.0 application era, and empowering the token industry to boost the digital economy! The birth of GEP led the industry to a new stage of development. The platform successfully held its first global summit in 2018 - the GEP Global Ecology Program Korea Station. The GEP Global Ecological Program consists of 21 global super ecosystems and 79 alternative ecosystems. The ecology that meets the number of registered transactions receive more generous equity and more substantial revenues than the traditional “trading and mining” model.

The ecological construction is in full swing, and the exploration of the application scene has not stopped. The Wafcoin platform has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the world's first cross-border e-commerce company, Newbuy Mall, which supports clearing and settlement. All the tokens circulating on the WA and the platform can be consumed in the mall, constantly stimulate the value of WA; WA will focus on real estate and tourism, marching in this new direction, further enhance the investment value of WA; In terms of cross-border payment, WA has also begun a comprehensive attack, providing users with more and better services.

The token economy is the biggest future of the blockchain. The development of the token trading platform can not only rely on "competition of family background", who can be king will subject to its future development!

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