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The era of real blockchain technology is coming!

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Whether accepting or refusing, the steps of the blockchain “invading” our daily lives cannot be stopped.

Fresh food and rice in the supermarket has a traceable two-dimensional code; the mutual insurance products are launched on the blockchain; when taking the Shenzhen Metro and Shenzhen-Hong Kong taxis, we can also use the mobile phone to self-issue blockchain electronic invoices.

Those companies that plug there ears while stealing a bell and keep blockchain technology from eight hundred miles were inevitably under attack by blockchain technology.

Sociality giant Facebook has recently spread out R&D token news repeatedly ; JPMorgan Chase, who has been attacking bitcoin three times, also announced the announcement of the issuance of token JPM coin this year.

In short, all the signs point to one point. When the bubble of the token is reduced, technology and landing become the hot topic. Large companies and entities have repeatedly thrown olive branches to the blockchain. It is time to abandon prejudice and embrace the era of blockchain. When the public no longer wears tainted glasses and re-examines the technology, it will be found that the impact of blockchain technology on life and even the world pattern will be subversive.

Today we take AtoX, an emerging project based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, as an example to discuss the impact of blockchain technology on various industries. AtoX has a carefully selected trusted super node, the highest-end RPCA protocol, and achieves near-infinite transaction speed through a cross-chain lightning network. Under the premise of strong technical advantages and featured functions, AtoX has developed a multi-path development pattern and continuously expanded the implementation of application scenarios:

Transfer business, cross-border remittance

Cross-border remittances based on blockchain technology allow users to complete transfers at a lower cost and faster rate under a decentralized mechanism.This is the most important application scenario for AtoX.

Smart bills
The financial bill business has always been a hot application field of blockchain technology. AtoX's underlying architecture and technical features support the pan-financial business, providing enterprises with a blockchain-based promissory trading system.

Application of securities and investment markets
In the securities market, AtoX blockchain technology can be applied to securities registration and issuance, securities clearing and settlement, etc., which can greatly simplify intermediate links and transaction processes, improve market transaction efficiency, and help promote transaction settlement to realize the real-time full transaction of T+0. By building smart contracts on the blockchain to turn securities into digital smart assets, smart contracts will stipulate the rights and obligations of the participants, the automation of execution is realized in the way of computing program, and the cost of manual operation is reduced again.

Intelligent payment scenario application
The traditional payment model relies on the trust of the center and the intermediary. The AtoX’s blockchain technology provides a programmability, scripting according to the specific transaction mode, and automatically completing the payment when certain conditions are met. The development of smart contracts may cause the intermediary links to disappear, such as various conditional guarantee payments, and various types of agency payment business.

Other industries
AtoX is an underlying public blockchain system with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of blockchain technology and can be applied well in more industries. AtoX is committed to making the industry an alternative in the cross-border payment industry, but other financial derivatives can be launched simultaneously to expand its ecosystem applications more broadly.

The giant wheel of the times is rolling forward, this is the true era that those who blow before it survive and those who resist perish!

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