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tried to send 1500 bitbean but never recieved

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I downloaded the bitbean vault to start sprouting. I sent over 1500 bitbean to test to see if the transaction would work but its been over 3 hours and havent recieved it yet. I check the blockchain info and it says it has not yet been redeemed. I am currently still trying to synch with the network. Now will the token come through when the wallet has been fully synced or do i have to redeem if and how do i redeem it? thx

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append delete #1. JimS

Bean cash is broke. I haven't been able to recieve coins since the rebranding.

I've pretty much lost faith in this company.

append delete #2. whitebeard

Check out
Sounds liek you are not hooking up with the DNS seeder node

:: @whitebeard added on 06 Jan ’18 · 13:22

liek = like


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