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Update October 25th.

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If you would like to participate with the upcoming Beta testing, please join the Channel "Beta Testers (public)" located here:

Updates will be posted there regarding the forthcoming Beta. Alternatively, if you would like to part of our Beta testers group email list and you have a dedicated system (separate from your main BitBean wallet), email: with BETA TESTER in the Subject Line and I'll add you. If you could also indicate in the email what operating system you are running along with it's version level, that would be helpful.

An Update on v1.1.2.2: We're going to be building our new release with Boost v1.6.1 & OpenSSL v1.1.0 deps. Because the current OpenSSL deprecated referencing Bignum support from the stack (now requires pointers), we're going to remove OpenSSL Bignum dependencies. Using these newer deps. will bring Bean Cash more up to date and more secure. These changes are important to implement and test properly. This will require more time.

I realize I set a target for Oct. 25th., for the Beta, but there is still important work to be done to maintain and enhance, the integrity and security of the network, before new code is released onto it. I know many are anxious for the Re-Brand to Bean Cash with the v1.1.2.2GA release and your patience is appreciated.

BitBean, soon to be Bean Cash, is a mature digital currency (and rock-solid network, going on nearly 3 yrs. old..without a hardfork), with a lightening fast transaction network, capable to support over 1,300 TPS! A strong, secure foundation for real-world transactions is being laid.

I'll be posting status updates in "The Farm" on our livechat platform: and on Twitter

Thank you for your continued time, patience and interest.

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