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Wallet Syncing help

append delete Peter

Ive been trying to sync my wallet on both PC and mac but all I get is the red "X" in the corner. Debug report says "connection timeout". Any suggestions?

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append delete #1. Bitbeaner

Peter: If your still needing help with this, please join our Live Chat, as it is easier to assist you with the issue in real-time.

Our Live Chat:

append delete #2. EvRo74

Can anyone tell me - what is the cause of my problem?
I installed the wallet (win-32 1.1.0 RC), but it does not synchronize. A few days of hanging open to no avail.
Should the synchronization process be seen - as in other wallets - a line indicating the number of blocks loaded?
At me such line did not appear.
Help me please! While I keep all my coins in POSWallet

append delete #3. EvRo74

Does Litve Chat is working yet?

append delete #4. JimLahey

tried live chat, they said you need to add nodes to the config file of bitbean. problem i have is i can't seem to find that bit bean config. or the wallet.dat

append delete #5. Bitbeaner

We have updated the Downloads site:

Please check there for updated instructions.

Or if you need more help, visit our Live Chat for assistance: (Firefox is recommended)

append delete #6. yaqui

I just downloaded the bitbean wallet and it is not synching. I looked for the config. file but one does not exist. Please help.

append delete #7. JA_Jack

HI there, is the IRC channel still active? Having sync problems on Windows. Thanks!

#8. haz300

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append delete #9. Ben

December 2017 same sync issue.. simply doe not sync. have tried downloading this wallet several times and even running through the "config" adding nodes. Just bad, you cant expect people to be interested in investing/purchasing if you guys don't even have a working wallet.

append delete #10. whitebeard

Check out
Sounds like you are not hooking up with the DNS Seeder Node

append delete #11. whitebeard

For interactive help check out
someone from the community will help you.

append delete #12. Revi

How long it takes for the wallet to sync?? I am waiting for 10 hours and it is only 15% sync.

append delete #13. efx

2-3 days, many blocks of transaction data to download.

append delete #14. Sander

Created a server to provide a snapshot to help people to speedup the synch

The snapshot can be downloaded @ and will be updated every week

Feel free to donate for this snapshot to keep it live


append delete #15. Priyanka


I have downloaded Bitbean wallet and added nodes two days back but it is not getting synchronised. Can you please help?

Slack and chat links are not working



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