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Wallet wont sync

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Tried to download blockchain and this failed, so i started to let it sync on its own. Got to about 3/4 done and then i restarted the laptop . Now it wont sync at all.

:: @hasher added on 05 Jun ’17 · 04:47

Wallet download from bitbean website doesnt work

:: @hasher added on 05 Jun ’17 · 04:49

Ah finally started again, but would be good to get a block chain that isnt broken from bitbeans website can someone else confirm this is the case.


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append delete #1. Ben

I havent seen support responses to this issue. i tried copying the "config" file and goin through the steps they posted under wallet syncing issue, but it still doesnt work. the file saves as an html. you would think they would have a config file on hand for people to download or even better, making a wallet that actually works. sad

append delete #2. gomydata

I have the same problem


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