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Wallet won't sync, unable to access live chat, help???

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I recently downloaded the beancash wallet, and, like an idiot, sent some beans to the wallet from bittrex BEFORE attempting to sync the wallet. I am now having a nightmare trying to sync the wallet, I've tried using the .conf file, and deleting then adding nodes and it hasn't worked.

To make matters worse, I tried accessing the live chat, and it wants me to confirm my email address, and says it will send an email to my email address to confirm, but the email(s) never arrived. I have tried sending multiple times, and as a result, I am unable to get in to the live chat to fix the sync issue.

Can someone give me some suggestions as to how to sync the wallet? Or, failing that, help me access live chat so they can do it?

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Read the first tutorial here:

append delete #2. SeDoran

Did all that stuff. Still not working.

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Did you get it sorted? I had the same issue and was given a different config which did the trick.

append delete #4. SeDoran

Did not get it sorted.

Can you explain what you mean by different config?


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