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Where is Bitbean directory about MAC(IOS) PC?

append delete James JWH

I use IOS(MAC) pc now.
So, i installed MAC version's BitBean App.
But, I can not find BitBean directory IOS( MAC ) PC.
Teach Me directory of IOS(MAC) please ~**^^

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append delete #1. Bitbeaner

Assuming your looking for the BitBean data directory:

Mac OSX ~/Library/Application Support/BitBean/BitBean.conf

Click the link and save the file to your Downloads Folder and Unzip
Note: Mac OS does not show hidden files by default, so you will have to follow these intructions to open your BitBean data folder.
Open the Finder.
Choose Go from menu bar and hold down the Shift+Command+G keys.
Type this into the text box and press go:
~/Library/Application Support/BitBean/
This will open up a folder. If you can see wallet.dat file, you are in the right folder.


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