Bean Cash Mnemonic Converter for HD Keychains

Recovery phrase

You can enter an existing BIP39 recovery phrase, or generate a new random one. Typing your own twelve words will probably not work how you expect, since the words require a particular structure. The last word is a checksum.

For more info see the BIP39 spec

Derivation Path

For more info see the BIP44 spec

For more info see the BIP32 spec

Use path m/0'/0. For more info see the Hive Wallet homepage

Use path m/44'/0'/0'/0. For more info see the Mycelium Wallet homepage

Derived Addresses

Note these addreses are derived from the BIP32 Extended Key

Public Key  
Private Key  
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Offline Usage

You can use this tool without having to be online.

In your browser, select file save-as, and save this page as a file.

Double-click that file to open it in a browser on any offline computer.